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Do you want to help on the growth of Future of Good movement and with the development of Money of Good platform so we can further expand its positive impact?
Here you will find three ways to get in action. 
As an Amplifier, Connector, Explorer or Maker.

Your goal is to spread the word and inspire more people to join the Future of Good movement and MOG community.
   1. Disclose in friends circles

    - Tell them about the project, invite to watch the Future of Good video and join the movement.

    - Ask them to subscribe to our YouTube channel, Instagram and the Facebook page to get up with the news
   2. Promote via social networks

    - Share/post info, and news about The Future of Good in your social networks to bring awareness about the project.
   3. Spread it to the press, blogs, influencers, etc.

    - Look out for journalists and bloggers that write about new technologies, meditation, cryptocurrencies, new economies or any subject that is related to the Money of Good platform solutions. Send them the MOG press release.


Here you find the links to short videos with further explanations about MOG:
    - Events of the Proof-of-Concept Tour. (5m32s. English)

    - Money of Good short pitch - (60s. English)

    - Product Demo pitch - (56s. English)

    - Introducing the founder - (1m17s. English) 

    - Pitch with slides - (4m26s. English) 

    - Conceptual video - (21s. English)

    - Overview animation clip (14sec. English)
    - The goal of Money of Good (47sec. English)
    - Why focus on the money (45sec. Portuguese + English subtitles)
    - The importance of meditation in MOG (60sec.)
    - The end of work (68sec. Portuguese + English subtitles)
    - How the neurofeedback system works  (54 sec. Portuguese)
    - Explanation of the Proof of Concept Tour (2.21sec Portuguese + English subtitles)
    - How MOG works and why it is important (4min.27sec. Portuguese)



Your goal is to find people and organizations that can collaborate, contribute and support the development of MOG platform.
1. Building partnerships

    - make contact, present the project and show why it is worth supporting MOG.
  2. Finding financial support

    - connect to investors, philanthropist, grant funds or any source of money that can support MOG development.

   3. Connect to personalities 

    - connect to personalities on the TV, cinema, science, politics, spirituality, technologies, etc that may get excited about the Future of Good movement, so they can spread the word or offer mentoring/support.


Use the PDF presentations and the technical, scientific and market information files.

    - Overview presentation PDF

    - Full presentation + financial planning PDF

    - Proof of Concept Tour plan PDF

    - You can find at the homepage: The System Diagram, the Security Credit Reserve Diagram, the Governance model paper, and the Holochain Technical Paper.



Your goal is to search/research on all kinds of information that can be useful for the project's development.

    1. Find information about

    - tech acceleration programs

    - events like forums, conferences, etc where MOG can pitch the project or attend to build a network
    - new technologies and solutions that may be useful
    - other correlates initiatives, startups, companies
    - scientific data, academic studies, articles, and publications




Do you have the skills to help us build the platform? Check the positions and join the team!


THE FUTURE OF GOOD is a collaborative project.
Your support and donation is important to make it happen!

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