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Meditation + Holochain

Money of Good is a revolutionary socio-economic platform where people can earn money as a reward for practicing meditation, improving their health, raising consciousness and fostering a new economic model much more equitable and sustainable.

“The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.”
Albert Einstein 

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Documentary video of the Money of Good proof-of-concept Tour Brazil.

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   Marcelo Bohrer, a designer dedicated to creating innovative and transformative ideas, traveled in time to 2030 to tell us about major transformations in the global economy and in human consciousness that profoundly changed the course of history.

     Marcelo said the change truly began in 2020, when many people got inspired by the storytelling Vision of 2030 and started joining the Future of Good, supporting the building of an innovative socio-economic platform called Money of Good.

    He said that this Vision helped to spread the understanding that, to transform the world into a better place, it was necessary not only to improve it through sustainable and clean technologies, better education, etc. but mainly to reshape the economy and promote meditative practices in order to raise the awareness needed to sustain the change.

     Surprisingly, the Money of Good (MoG) platform had the potential to leverage these transformations on a large scale because it had a very captivating way to create engagement: people could earn money as a reward for practicing meditation.
     This was made possible thanks to a new technology called proof-of-meditation that certifies that the person attains a healthy and peaceful state of mind when meditating and credits the payment proportionally to the time invested in practicing meditation. In practice, the person only needs to use a wearable called MEMO connected to a game-like app that gives real-time guidance on how to meditate better through neurofeedback, while using the meditation data to validate the payment via the MoG banking system.

     However, as the financial system was in a critical situation at the time, the money used to pay MoG users wasn’t tied to that old system. It operated independently of the global financial structures because it was based on holochain, the evolution of the blockchain technology. And it was this important feature that set the framework that enabled the stable transition to a much more just and sustainable economic model.


     This new positive money was called GOOD, the currency of the common good, and it had on its banknotes a watermark image of his holiness the Dalai Lama who, believing in the benefit it would bring to humanity, made a point of giving his blessing to the new monetary system. He said, "In Buddhism, we say that by doing good deeds people accumulate merits of good karma. Similarly, this social program of Money of Good turns the good action of meditating into positive credits for the people who need it most."

      Marcelo said that people soon realized that by adopting the new system, they could improve both their financial situation and health. Consequently, the trend has spread exponentially attracting millions of users worldwide and becoming quickly a truly global network.


    After all, it made perfect sense at that time for two important reasons.


      First, because in the second decade of the 21st century, thanks to the studies of neuroscientists like Richard Davidson, what philosophers and spiritual masters advocated for millennia became common knowledge: meditation promotes great benefits to the body and mind improving health and wellbeing.

      Second, because the scaling global economic crisis made it even more difficult for people to find a job and earn a living. In addition, advances in artificial intelligence and automation began to replace many human work activities leaving a huge part of the population unemployed.


      For this reason, millions of people facing financial difficulties signed up to the Money of Good system right away making the meditation practice their main source of income.

   Even people who never consider meditating adopted the system enthusiastically because investing one hour in meditation per day could provide sufficient earnings to guarantee the family's subsistence since each minute of practice paid 1 GOOD that was equivalent to 1 USD in 2021. That is, one hour a day generated 60,00 GOODs that, multiplied by 30 days a month, was equal to 1,800.00 "G", as it was dubbed the new money.


    Thus, Money of Good platform became the most effective and reliable solution for providing a fair global basic income (UBI).

       Numerous companies soon adopted the GOOD currency to not go out of business because, as the crisis was getting more severe, consumers started to have less and less old money like dollars and euros to pay for their products and services.


      Another good reason that propelled many companies to join the system was the security credit reserve provided by MoG’s monetary fund which created a guarantee for issuing the GOOD currency. Plus, since the system was running on the holochain, the commercial transactions could happen peer-to-peer. This means that there were no intermediaries like banks, financial institutions or governments in charge of collecting abusive taxes and fees, another significant advantage for customers and companies.

      Furthermore, because people understood that preserving the environment depends primarily on the impact of truly sustainable businesses, like the B Corps, companies oriented in the social and environmental responsibility, a growing share of the population started to use a percentage of their earnings in GOODs to invest on new beneficial companies in their communities promoting conscious local economies (circular, shared, collaborative).


     Marcelo also revealed other positive features of the system. For example, that people who couldn't afford a MEMO could go to a Meditation Bank in their communities where sensors were freely shared by anyone. As well that it was possible to connect the MEMO sensor to a variety of meditation game apps which made it more fun to practice boosting awareness. And, even better, by synchronizing the sensors in a meditation group, people could increase their credit rate, encouraging more people to join the practice.

       Finally, as this movement driven by the Money of Good platform thrived, two major global transformations took place:

        1. The expansion of consciousness. A consequence of a large part of the population practicing meditation daily. What led to a more harmonious and happy society, where people started to act in a much more kind and conscious way.

       2. The transition to the "Conscious Economy of the Common Good", where planetary resources started to be managed in a much more responsible and sustainable way, regenerating ecosystems and creating an abundant, truly just and happy world. Thus, ultimately replacing the economic growth index GDP for the quality of life index GNH (Gross National Happiness).


       After all, to the joy of mankind, the 2030 Vision had become a reality and it was now possible to live the future of good.


      Summing up the new direction of history, the famous author Yuval Harari wrote in his book of 2025, "Homo Deus Reinvented": "the combination of these two ingredients finally materialized the vision of a peaceful, sustainable and happy world in which people share the common feeling to be citizens of a nation without frontiers, the planet Earth."​

"There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

Victor Hugo 

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       Money of Good is an Abundant Intentional Organization (AIO).
This means that our mission is to act for the good of planet Earth and all its beings.

     Our main goal is to make an efficient system that will be accessible to anyone and that will lead to a wide positive transformation in the economy, society, and environment.

    To do this, we are looking for supporters and Venture Philanthropists that share our vision and want to make a dent in the creation of a better world.

       For more information, get in contact.

       Do you want to help?

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By 2021 it will be New York City's turn to learn about the innovative social technology of the Money of Good platform.
From July 4th to 8th, the Meditation Bank's mobile agency will be roaming the city to offer people of all levels of society the chance to try out the proof-of-meditation system and earn some GOODs.


MoG PoC Bus 01 final eng.jpg
MoG PoC Bus interior 01.jpg

The Meditation Bank's mobile agency will operate in a bus specially equipped to offer the ideal meditation environment, plus the Money of Good banking system.

Locations will be informed close to the event date.

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Marcelo Bohrer is a specialist in design thinking and a visionary. His greatest satisfaction in life is to foreseen beautiful future scenarios and to plan them objectively so that they can be transformed into reality and make the world a better place.


Do you want to help make this vision a reality? Join the team and let's contribute to the common good on this planet.

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