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Project development takes place through time loop inserts.
This means that it is continually being redesigned and adjusted every time the expected events happen before expected or in a different way.

2016 - The core concepts of the project are designed by Marcelo Bohrer.


2017 - The project is presented to experts of Singularity University and other institutions and it receives very good feedback. Professionals from different areas join the team in developing the project. The prototype of MEMO (brain-sensor) and the app of the system start to be designed.


2018 - Marcelo Bohrer improves many aspects of the strategy and attends many international events where he pitches the idea to important people, such as the founder of the B-Corp movement, building strong connections for the project development. More people join the team and the community of MoG enthusiasts starts to grow. 
With the support of Brainboost laboratory, the experiments of proof-of-meditation using neurofeedback work great consolidating the core idea.



2019 - The prototype of the system (the brain-sensor MEMO connected to the app) is successfully tested with many users in the Proof of Concept Tour in Brazil. The PoC experiment becomes a very inspirational video that goes viral on social media spreading the idea of the platform globally and reaching investors and philanthropists.

2020 - MoG is accepted in an accelerator program and the great support it receives boosts its development.

A crowdfunding campaign is launched and receives excellent support collecting around 12 million dollars for the project execution.

The system that integrates the brain-sensor MEMO and the GOOD coin in the holochain is completed and starts to operate by testers and earlier adopters.

Mega investors and companies such as Elon Musk and Google decide to support the project to put it on a global scale.


2021 - The global launching is prepared. Famous people all over the world get involved in promoting the advantages of Money of Good in their countries. Excited earlier adopters disseminate the idea online and in their communities. The short movie starring Will Smith and his daughter Willow which presents a beautiful future world shaped by the MoG system becomes a hit raising the interest of millions of people all over the world.



2022 - Many global companies, especially the B Corps, decide to adopt the new currency and become commerce partners expanding the range of the system and fostering the new economy.

Marcelo Bohrer goes to Oprah show and receives her support and enthusiasm.



2023 - Money of Good is officially launched. H.H. Dalai Lama speaks to the world to promote the idea of how positive it is to integrate the "spiritual and the material" for the common good.

MEMO, the Headband, starts to be sold globally by big sellers like Amazon for by 99,00 USD. People receive back 100,00 GOODs that enable them to start making transactions with the currency right away leveraging the new economy.




2024 - The system has a super boost when a large part of the population, unemployed and living in poor conditions start receiving MEMOs as donations of big institutions as the Bill Gates Foundation and UNICEF. Plus, the multiplication of MEDITATIONS BANKS allows people to borrow a MEMO, start practicing and earning GOODs expanding the number of users to 1 billion people. 



2025 - Accumulating 34 Billion GOODs, the global funds of credit starts to foster the development of countless new local sustainable businesses, such as solar panels, organic farms, shared systems, etc pushing up the new economy and making a solid positive impact on the environment. 



2026 - Big financial organizations such as IMF and big banks try with no success to block the growth of the new global monetary system based on the free currency GOOD. They start to lose power and disintegrate.



2027 - The good effects of the meditation daily practice start showing up on people's behavior. Some "spiritual masters" like Eckhart Tolle and Sadhguru become loved guides that foster the development of the practitioners. Because MoG is open-source, many companies develop their own Apps to join the new market helping people to improve their meditation skills. 





2028 - The United Nations get together in their headquarters in Geneva gathering leaders of 146 countries to sign up a resolution of making GOOD an official global currency. The number of people on the poverty line is drastically reduced all over the world and stress becomes something of the past.



2029 - The positive impact of the new economy and the meditation practice transform life on Earth in many deep aspects. The feeling of living in a unified, pacified and sustainable world sets down.

A new flag is erected. It has the symbol the Money of Good upside down forming an "E" of Earth with the equal's symbol in the center.




2030 - The history of the Money of Good revolution is told in 2019 as a time insertion.



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