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Dear friends from all over the world,

At this moment when we feel our lives are threatened by the sum of crises in health, the economy and the environment, I want to invite you to imagine a new story for our future.

Every major change begins with the desire for a better world.

Every major change happens when we believe that we are able to make it a reality.

This is our chance to choose the future we want.

This is our chance to act for the good of all beings on this beautiful planet.


Believe me, we can lead the change even in the midst of so many difficulties.

We've done it countless times. We can do it now. We need to do it now!

We, humans, are special because we have the ability to dream and create everything we desire.

We created the current economic system of infinite consumption, profit maximization, inequality and the exploitation of nature.

We can create a better one. We can change to a new model that is beneficial for our health and the health of our planet.


We just need a clear vision of which way to go.

An objective vision of the future that we will build together.

A vision that presents a concrete and feasible plan to make a transition to a more just and sustainable world. A world in which you, I and nature can live in harmony and joy.


We need the vision of The Future of Good.

Join the movement and help to make it a reality!

Marcelo Bohrer
The future belongs to those who do good.


The Future of Good is a concrete and feasible plan to make the transition to a more just, conscious and sustainable world.

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