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The Future of Good is a revolutionary plan to drive the transition
to a new regenerative and sustainable economic model
while raising consciousness and well-being through meditation.


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Imagine that we are in 2025
and the world has changed in a very positive way.

Taking care of our health and the health of the planet is the priority, sustainable businesses lead the economy, society is more just, and everyone has a much more relaxed and happy life.
Just like me, you probably feel blissful to have participated in the events that made this possible. Let's remember how it all happened.

The real change began in 2023, when the world was facing serious crises and many people, wishing for positive change, started to join ​​the Future of Good movement.


They knew that to overcome global problems and create a better world for everyone we couldn't keep doing things the same way. It was necessary to find unprecedented solutions! 

And that was exactly what the Future of Good offered.

An innovative and feasible plan to drive a new fair and sustainable economy while raising consciousness and well-being of the population through meditation practices.
Laughing Yoga

The plan began to be put into practice in 2024 with the launch of a socioeconomic platform called Money of Good (MoG) which offered people the chance to earn money as a reward for practicing meditation.

This was made possible thanks to a new technology called proof-of-meditation. This technology certifies when the person attains a healthy and peaceful state of mind and validates the payment proportional to the time invested in practicing meditation.

It feels like a game, the person only needs to use a headband called MEMO connected to an app. The system then guides the user on how to meditate better through neurofeedback. In the end, the person receives the payment via the banking system of Money of Good platform.


Fortunately, these transactions were not dependent on the problematic financial system of that time. This was because the Money of Good platform had been developed to operate using a revolutionary decentralized ledger technology, the holochain, an evolution of blockchain.

It was this important feature that created the basis for a stable transition to the new regenerative economic system called the conscious economy of the common good.


So, to be consistent with the new economic and social values, the conscious economy of the common good adopted a new symbol of value called GOOD, the currency of the common good.

Auspiciously, the GOOD money had printed on its banknotes a watermark image of his holiness the Dalai Lama who, believing in the benefit that the new monetary system would bring to humanity, made a point of giving his blessing. He said:

"In Buddhism, we say that by doing good deeds people accumulate merits of good karma. Similarly, this social program of Money of Good turns the good action of meditating into positive credits for the people who need it most."

People soon realized that by adopting the new system, they could improve both their financial situation and health. Consequently, the trend has spread exponentially attracting millions of users worldwide becoming a thriving global network.

After all, it made perfect sense at that time for two important reasons:

The first 

People lived under increasing stress and anxiety due to environmental and economic crises. As a result, health problems related to chronic stress affect up to 60% of the population.

Therefore, when people started to learn that meditation could improve well-being, promoting great benefits for the health of the body and mind, the practice became very popular.
This understanding has spread thanks to the studies of neuroscientists like Richard Davidson who proved in a scientific way what philosophers and spiritual masters advocated for millennia.


The second

As the climate crisis was getting worse and causing more and more climate catastrophes, a major global economic crisis started to escalate, prices soared and it became increasingly difficult to make a living. In addition, the exponential growth of artificial intelligence began to replace many work activities leaving a huge part of the population unemployed.

For this reason, millions of people facing financial difficulties signed up for the Money of Good platform right away, making meditation practice their main source of income.

Thus, Money of Good platform became the most effective and reliable solution for providing a fair global basic income (UBI).


Even people who never considered meditating adopted the system enthusiastically because it could guarantee the basic living costs of their families. 
As 1 GOOD was equivalent to 1 USD in 2023 and the MoG platform paid 1,00 G per minute of practice, it was possible to make about 1,800.00 G per month by investing at least one hour in meditation per day.

This way, more and more GOOD money started to get into circulation at the same time that people started to have less and less old money (dollars, euros, reais, etc) to pay for products and services. An effect of the big recession caused by the increasing economic crisis.
Therefore, in order not to go out of business, numerous companies soon adopted the GOOD currency.

Another good reason that propelled many companies to join the system was the credit reserve provided by MoG’s monetary fund which created a guarantee for issuing the GOOD currency. Plus, since the system was running on the holochain, commercial transactions could happen peer-to-peer. This means that there were no intermediaries (banks, financial institutions, governments, etc) in charge of collecting abusive taxes and fees, another significant advantage for customers and companies.


Furthermore, people understood that preserving the environment depends primarily on the impact of truly sustainable businesses, like the B Corps (companies oriented in social and environmental responsibility). This way, a growing share of the population started to use a percentage of their earnings in GOODs to invest in new beneficial companies in their communities, promoting conscious local economies (circular, shared, collaborative).


The system also had other positive features. For example, people who couldn't afford a MEMO could organize a Meditation Bank in their communities where sensors were freely shared by all. In addition, it was possible to connect the MEMO sensor to a variety of meditation game apps which made it more fun to practice boosting awareness. To add to that, by synchronizing the sensors in a meditation group, users could increase their credit rate, encouraging more people to join the practice.


Finally, as this movement driven by the Money of Good platform thrived, two major global transformations took place:

1. The expansion of consciousness

A consequence of a large part of the population practicing meditation daily. This new habit led to a more harmonious, healthy, and happy society, where people started to act in a more kind and conscious way.

2. The transition to the Conscious Economy of the Common Good

Which made planetary resources to be managed in a more responsible and sustainable way, regenerating ecosystems and creating an abundant, truly just and happy world. Thus, ultimately replacing the economic growth index GDP for the quality of life index GNH (Gross National Happiness).


After all, to the joy of mankind, the Future of Good vision became a reality!


Summing up the new chapter of our history in his book of 2025 "Homo Deus Reinvented", the famous author Yuval Harari wrote:

"The combination of these two ingredients finally materialized the vision of a peaceful, sustainable and happy world in which people share the common feeling to be citizens of a nation without frontiers, the planet Earth."​
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"The future belongs to those who do good."

Marcelo Bohrer 


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The Money of Good platform is scheduled for launch in December 2023.


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