The Future of Good is a regenerative plan to drive the transition

to a new fair and sustainable economic model

while raising consciousness and well-being through meditation.


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Imagine that we are in 2025
and the world has changed in a very positive way.

Taking care of our health and the health of the planet is the priority, sustainable businesses lead the economy, society is more just, and everyone has a much more relaxed and happy life.
Just like me, you probably feel blissful to have participated in the events that made this possible. Let's remember how it all happened.

The change truly began in 2020, when the world was facing serious crises and many people, wishing for positive change, started to join ​​the Future of Good movement.


They knew that to overcome global problems and create a better world for everyone we couldn't keep doing things the same way. It was necessary to find unprecedented solutions! 

And that was exactly what the Future of Good offered.

An innovative and feasible plan to drive a new fair and sustainable economy while raising consciousness and well-being of the population through meditation practices.

The plan began to be put into practice in 2021 with the launch of a socioeconomic platform called Money of Good (MoG) which offered people the chance to earn money as a reward for practicing meditation.

This was made possible thanks to a new technology called proof-of-meditation. This technology certifies when the person attains a healthy and peaceful state of mind and validates the payment proportional to the time invested in prac